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Enough About the iPhone Already!

Posted by Chris DeMarco on Saturday, September 22nd, 2007 at 10:46 am

Apparently, many iPhone users are still really having a hard time with the price drop…writing letters to Steve Jobs, writing angry and distasteful blog entries, protesting, inciting riots, burning people at the stake, etc. etc.

So, since I’ve just about had it with hearing about this, I thought I would set things straight once and for all.

When you go buy technology, or anything, really, you can be positive that not too long after the product comes out, the price will drop significantly. Either a newer product will come out at the same price of the previous one, or, after a few months, the company will just drop the price since the product has been out a while, or one of about a zillion other reasons for this will cause this. This is standard marketing technique, and is in some way part of nearly every company’s sales marketing strategy. People who want your product right away buy it at a high original price right when it comes out. People who are interested but don’t want to fork out the money right away are willing to wait for a price drop. Once you lower the price into their price range, for whichever reason you do it, these people then buy your product. In some cases they buy previous model if you lowered its price with the release of a newer model; in other cases they buy the latest, which you have simply lowered the price for after being on the market a while. All that matters is that both audiences have now purchased whatever it is that you’re selling. This is quite an elementary concept, really, and I see no need to elaborate further.

Technology companies provide one of the best examples of this marketing strategy. Apple, in particular, has traditionally demonstrated it across its entire product line across the years. It is extremely evident with the iPod. Apple is constantly coming out with newer iPods and lowering the prices of the previous models. Apple also has reduced the prices of iPods without the release of a newer model. This is consistent with nearly every product Apple releases.

For example, I chose to not immediately purchase an iPod when Apple released the second generation iPod Nano. At their release, Apple was selling them for approximately $250. A few months later, Apple reduced this price to approximately $200, and at this point I went ahead and bought myself an iPod Nano, saving about $50 just by waiting a few months after its initial release. Because I observed the pricing trend on Apple’s previous iPods and other products, and because I was aware of this very common marketing strategy which Apple uses, I was able to predict that the price would be lowered and not purchase my iPod until I could do so at the lower price.

It is basically common sense that Apple would lower the prices of the iPhone models shortly after their initial release. Apple did not force anybody to go buy an iPhone when they first came out. If you did, then that was your choice and you need to take responsibility for what you did. You still got an outstanding product, and you even get a refund because you and others like you have whined so much about it. So, if you feel you’ve been taken advantage of or “cheated” or “insulted” or some other word you found in a thesaurus, I don’t want to hear about it any more, because I’ve clearly demonstrated right here that you haven’t.

If I hear another word about the iPhone and the price drop and how allegedly “unfair” it is, I’m going to slap someone. You lose, give it up. K Thx Bai.

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One Response to “Enough About the iPhone Already!”

  1. Tom Says:

    The iPhone and the price drop are unfair!

    *ducks and covers*

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