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Wikipedia to Pay Contributors

Posted by Chris DeMarco on Monday, December 3rd, 2007 at 11:40 pm

Wikipedia has just announced that it will be offering payment for its contributors. Don’t get too excited just yet, though, thinking that you can go write articles on Wikipedia and make money for them. Wikipedia is only offering payment for needed diagrams and other images, a list for which it will release soon.

Basically, this is possible because a man named Philip Greenspun discovered information – information that he originally published online – published in a book. Something was very different about the information’s presentation in the book, however, and that was the use of diagrams, pictures, and illustrations used to compliment his text. So, Greenspun has decided to donate $20,000 to Wikipedia so that it can pay people to create diagrams, pictures, and illustrations for its articles. He and Wikipedia are hoping that this will help give Wikipedia an edge in its competition with other encyclopedias, like Britannica.

Wikipedia will soon be releasing a list of 50 such illustrations that it would like created. People will be able to submit their work, and if Wikipedia chooses it for the article, that person will earn $40. So here’s a fair heads-up to any interested graphic designers out there…watch for that list!

To read more, see The New York Times’ article here.

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