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An Open Letter to Steve Jobs

Posted by Chris DeMarco on Friday, February 15th, 2008 at 10:55 pm

I’m sure many of you are wondering how things are going with my Macbook. Unfortunately, things have been only getting worse. This open letter to Steve Jobs should help fill you in on the new developments.

Dear Steve,

Well buddy, it looks like you no longer care to value your loyal customer and ardent Mac enthusiast any longer, and now wish to stab me in the back. I find this unfortunate because I was actually starting to think your company was better than the others, and even went as far as introducing many people to your products. However, now that I actually need something from you, not just advice on buying a new product, I see what I’m really worth to you.

Let me share with you my dilemma. Back in the summertime, I brought my Macbook in for service and diagnostics since there were a few issues, including a bluetooth malfunction in particular. The Apple store cheerfully accepted my computer for service and called to notify me that it was being sent off for repair. Even though they said the repair might take up to 5-7 days, the computer arrived at my doorstep only three days later, even despite the Fourth of July holiday. I was very pleased to get my computer back so quickly. In fact, I had only one problem with the service…the bluetooth still didn’t work!

So, a few weeks later, my computer ended up back in the Apple store, and again went out for service. This time, however, there seemed to be proof that the problem would be fixed. The repair records showed that Apple repair replaced a bunch of bluetooth-related parts, including the module and antenna. So, satisfied that they surely had gotten it right this time, I returned home that August day with my computer and began using it. It seemed to be working fine, and seemed to hold up just fine for a couple months.

But, not too long after, the bluetooth started croaking on me again. First, I just noticed it had gone out once, and came back when I rebooted. I shrugged and thought that hopefully it was just a little glitch. A few weeks later, though, it did it again, and over time, these instances happened more and more often. Before I brought my Macbook back to the Apple store for a third time for this issue alone (it had been there for other things as well), the problem was so bad that my bluetooth would show up for like 20 minutes, and then go out for several hours before returning again, constantly throughout the day. You may not think this is a big deal, but it actually rendered my computer half useless to me. See, I do a lot of graphics design and things that require a lot of workspace, so I have a huge external LCD display that I hook up to my Macbook, and then use an Apple bluetooth keyboard and mouse. So, when I’m in the middle of airbrushing something in Photoshop and my keyboard and mouse die, it’s a fairly big deal.

This repair experience with the Apple store was by far the worst I’ve ever had, and in fact was downright unpleasant. The folks at the Apple store that Friday told me they’d get the computer in for diagnostics that night and call me on Saturday. On Sunday, still not having heard from them, I called them to find out they were just getting to running diagnostics on it (or in other words, they had forgotten about it and rushed to actually do something with it while I was on hold for a combined, oh, 40 minutes). They called me back on Tuesday to inform me that my computer would be sent in for remote repair, and it would be another 7-10 days before I could expect it.

Well, today I got another call from Apple, telling me my repair had been put on hold because I upgraded my hard drive last month. Apparently, since hard drives have so much to do with the bluetooth (yes, sarcasm), they felt they could use it as an excuse to not fix my computer. Apparently, talking to them makes no difference either, because after over an hour and a half of debating with four different Apple repair employees, they still tell me the same thing. My third-party hard drive is bad, and because of it they can’t fix the bluetooth. No, it’s not causing the bluetooth problem (at least they could handle figuring that one out). The bluetooth is definitely bad. They just refuse to fix it with a “bad” third party hard drive in there. Of course, they refuse to tell me why it is bad, or even if it really is bad. Apple tech “James” himself even admitted that there’s nothing requiring them to back up their statement that it’s “bad” and therefore, they theoretically could just be lying about it. Of course, since I couldn’t get a straight answer from them on whether or not it was “bad” or not, there’s no official response to determine whether or not it’s a lie.

Oh, and when did you resign from Apple? Because James claimed that he was “the highest person I could speak with here [at Apple]” when I asked him several times to transfer me to someone. Apparently you have a repair tech in charge of your company now. I’ve got to admit, Steve, that’s pretty cool.

Anyways, as I tried to ask those boneheads for almost two hours today, is there anything you can do to just fix your defective product(s) in my computer without blaming my hard drive? Fax me a waiver; I’ll sign it.

Thanks, Steve. It’d be nice to prove all these thoughts of how you don’t care about your customers wrong. Do you care about me after all?


Chris DeMarco
(ex-loyal Apple enthusiast)

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6 Responses to “An Open Letter to Steve Jobs”

  1. Jeff Blechman Says:

    Man I hope you get your macbook fixed. It seems like your gettting screwed by apple big time. I wanted to upgrade my macbook’s harddrive and two appple employees said I couldn’t do ir or it would void my warrenty. After much research I found this wasn’t true. There’s a law that allows consumers to change parts as long as they are serviceable. When I mentioned this to the apple people they said I was right but if the hard drive broke then it would be my problem. It seems to me that your bluetooth problem is not related to the hard drive and I would suggest you take it to a certified apple repair shop and have them look at it. Then get a written note from them and hire a good lawer. Don’t take sh$%$T from Apple. Good luck. BTW – I like your web site – interesting.

    Jeff B.

  2. Stuart Says:

    Using non mac parts is a tough one when running with the mac. But as long as you know how the rules work, just run with it. If you use a non mac HDD, keep your original mac in the closet with an os-x install. Then when you have hardware problems, switch it up. I did this with my ram.

    Even though Apples policy sucks, Its not hard to see why they have to be careful. Letting every kid tinker with their macbook, then warranty it would be a recipe for financial disaster.


  3. solacetech Says:

    Not Cool…btw How did you get a third party hard drive? Did you pay to have it installed? Clearly I use windows because this whole ordeal is foreign to me,sad but still foriegn…

  4. Yvonne Says:

    That sucks big time, Its enough to put you off apple for life. You obviously need this macbook for your work everyday, I hope you get it sorted.I had similar problem with a loptop, from Evesham. The had it in for repair 3 times and each time it came back there was something else wrong with it, in the end they refused to deal with the ongoing problem because they didnt have to…reason being it was now out of the 1 year warranty. All the time I had it it never worked right…they just fob buyers off with any old excuse until they dont have to fix it and dont have to give excuses.

  5. Brookee Says:

    since you have your computer back and everything
    there will be protests if you dont have a monday snicker soon… 😛

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