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Apr 20

1&1 Sitation – Conclusion

Last night I received a response back from 1&1 tech support saying that they were going to finally cancel my domain.

Dear Chris DeMarco, (Customer ID: [hidden] )

Thank you for contacting us.

I have set the domain name to cancel. You should see
the refund on the next invoice/statement.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

I found it funny that they wouldn’t just do this in the first place, but at any rate, I got an invoice this morning showing the refund for the domain. Finally, this issue is resolved. Overall, I definitely could have been more impressed, and probably will move away from 1&1 as my domains need to be renewed. At any rate, they did resolve the situation and as far as I can tell, things are good for now.

Apr 19

1&1 Status Update #1

On Wednesday, April 16th, shortly after publishing my blog entry discussing my problems with 1&1 Internet, I wrote an email to the company’s complaint department. I explained my situation and directed them to the blog entry, found here.

To whom it may concern:

Proceeding my unsuccessful phone conversation with a 1&1 representative earlier today, I have written a blog entry regarding this and previous problems I have encountered with 1&1 service. It can be found at this address:

I have still not had the domain cancelled and refunded, which is what I sought to accomplish this morning. I cancelled the domain several months ago, and am still being charged for it. I would like to see the domain cancelled and my money refunded as soon as is possible. Unfortunately, should this not happen, I will be forced to be honest in future blog entries on the status of this issue.

My customer ID number is [hidden].

Thank you in advance for your attention with this matter. I will look forward to publishing future blog entries regarding this issue, hopefully with a more positive tone.

So, as promised, I am publishing updates to the situation as new developments arise.

I received an email just a few minutes ago from 1&1 tech support.

Dear Chris DeMarco, (Customer ID: [hidden] )

Thank you for contacting us.

I have looked into the account regarding this matter. The reason for
the domain name not being canceled is due to the
cancellation not being activated. Please activate the cancellation
link which sent to the email address on the account and also a message
is sent to your account which can be viewed through the 1and1 control
panel. Once the cancellation has been activated, I will refund the
account regarding this matter.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

So, I again searched my email for any possible activation links, but again was unsuccessful. However, now that I was made aware that I have a “messages” section on my control panel, I headed there expecting to find a link which I could use to verify my cancellation of the domain.

As you can see from this screenshot, there were no messages in the folder.

So, I have responded to the email from 1&1 as follows:

Thank you for your response. Unfortunately, I never received an email containing any notice of the cancellation or any such activation links. Furthermore, when I looked in my “messages” folder on my 1and1 control panel, I discovered that it was empty, as you can see from this screenshot.

At this point there is nothing further I can do, so I will await your response so that we can resolve this issue. Thank you in advance.


Chris DeMarco

Obviously, I’m not too thrilled with their response to this. I’ll keep you posted when I get another response.

Apr 16

1&1 Internet Sucks!!!

Even if your life depended on it, I hope you are smart enough that you would still not resort to using 1&1 Internet – partly because their service is of insanely poor quality, also because they have no consumer relations department, and lastly because their tech support team doesn’t even know how their own service works.

You might recall how, several months ago, some of my sites went down for quite some time when I changed their domains. This was due to 1&1 Internet failing miserably at providing their services. Not only were there several problems in the process, but it also conveniently takes 1&1 an eternity and a half to change DNS addresses, sometimes taking almost a week before my domains were finally functional again.

I also had tons of problems trying to get my email functioning with a third-party service. While trying to figure out how to set this up, I ended up calling 1&1 tech support. Of course, they had no idea what they were talking about when they attempted to advise me on what to do. It was obvious to me that the service representatives I spoke with had little understanding of how domains and DNS work.

Lastly, I received an invoice from 1&1 via email a few days ago. I observed that I was being charged for renewal of a domain which I had cancelled several months ago. Not to mention, when I tried to do this, I had to hunt for quite some time to locate the cancellation site. So, like any other upset customer, I called to speak with the billing department. And, like any other upset customer would, I became angry when the representative refused to help me and attempted to blame me for the situation.

She claimed that I did not click a confirmation link sent to me in an email after I cancelled the domain. Furthermore, she refused to help me over the phone and said that I had to go back to the well-hidden cancellation site and repeat the process I had already done several months ago.

I called because I wanted two things. I wanted the domain cancelled, and the amount I was being charged for this domain refunded. Since neither were accomplished, I called back, this time looking for a consumer relations specialist. I discovered instead that 1&1 does not have a consumer relations department.

So, based on all this, I would never go with 1&1 Internet for any more services again, and hope you would not either. If you’re considering using 1&1, stop and rethink…it could be the worst decision you could make.

Apr 07

I did make a LOL.

Oh hai, look I made a LOL:

Larry the Cable Cat

Click here and vote foar it a 5 nao plzkthx.

Apr 01

The Irony of Online Dating

If you haven’t heard yet, you might be interested in hearing how Dr. Neil Warren, founder of, found love on the internet. There’s only one problem. It was on one of his major competitors’ sites,! Take a look at this:

And now that you’ve read through that, we can learn two valuable lessons:

  1. Online dating is kinda a joke.
  2. AND

  3. Always look at a calendar before you believe stuff