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Oct 30

Update on 1&1 Headaches

I finally got around to emailing 1&1 about the latest set of domains I want to cancel (and they want to not let me cancel), and got a response from them.

Thank you for contacting us.

As we checked the Domain Names, we can see that you have initiated a Domain Cancellation Request but this was not activated, we now need to escalate the case so that the request can be processed.

You will then updated via email when this has been processed.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

At any rate, hopefully their response to my problems will be better than their English.

Oct 06

More 1&1 Headaches…

As you probably already know, I’ve had my fair share of headaches with 1&1 Internet. If you haven’t yet seen my previous posts, be sure and take a look at 1&1 Internet Sucks!!!, followed by 1&1 Status Update #1 and 1&1 Sitation – Conclusion.

Well, at any rate, last month I tried to cancel a few more domains that are set to renew soon. Using my discoveries from last time, I headed over to 1&1’s Hidden Secret Package Cancellation Website and canceled the three domains I don’t want to renew with 1&1.
Yet again, 1&1 claimed that they would send me a confirmation email to finalize the cancellation process. Now that over a month has passed, I still haven’t gotten any email, and there’s nothing in my messages folder in my 1&1 control panel either.

Since I really don’t feel like being charged for these domains when they auto-renew even though I just canceled them, I’m going to be calling up and dealing with 1&1’s “support team” to try and resolve this. Rest assured that I’ll be keeping you posted.