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More 1&1 Headaches…

Posted by Chris DeMarco on Monday, October 6th, 2008 at 9:12 am

As you probably already know, I’ve had my fair share of headaches with 1&1 Internet. If you haven’t yet seen my previous posts, be sure and take a look at 1&1 Internet Sucks!!!, followed by 1&1 Status Update #1 and 1&1 Sitation – Conclusion.

Well, at any rate, last month I tried to cancel a few more domains that are set to renew soon. Using my discoveries from last time, I headed over to 1&1’s Hidden Secret Package Cancellation Website and canceled the three domains I don’t want to renew with 1&1.
Yet again, 1&1 claimed that they would send me a confirmation email to finalize the cancellation process. Now that over a month has passed, I still haven’t gotten any email, and there’s nothing in my messages folder in my 1&1 control panel either.

Since I really don’t feel like being charged for these domains when they auto-renew even though I just canceled them, I’m going to be calling up and dealing with 1&1’s “support team” to try and resolve this. Rest assured that I’ll be keeping you posted.

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One Response to “More 1&1 Headaches…”

  1. Warth Publishing Inc Says:

    Good luck, I am having no luck at all with 1and1. I am resorting to a law firm. Google Kelli Jack.

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