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Mar 31

What Constitutes True Wealth?

Prosperity and happiness don’t come from money. Here’s what really counts.

In America as well as many other industrialized countries throughout the world, wealth has unfortunately come to be known, for the most part, in a financial sense. This, however, is a great shame because money in actuality is the least meaningful and significant aspect of wealth. There are so many things that are so much more valuable and that provide a much richer understanding of what wealth really is.

For the remainder of this article, I will discuss some of the things I believe constitute true wealth, and suggest some ways to achieve the wealth found in these sources.
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Mar 31

Recover Your Contacts After a “New Shopping New Life!” Attack

Many people who have experienced the aftermath of the “New Shopping New Life!” email attack have found all their email contacts missing as well. So, to recover your contacts after an attack of the “New Shopping New Life!” virus hacker bot thing, here’s what you’ll need to do.

  • First, you will need to contact your mail provider. Let them know that your account was compromised and that you have changed your password. If Yahoo! is your email provider, call them at this number: 1-866-562-7219.
  • If you are unable to remove the vacation autoresponders set by the hacker bot, notify your provider and have them help you with this. Otherwise, inform them that you have already done this.
  • Tell them that you have lost all your email contacts. They will ask you for a handful of contacts you know were in your list. Tell them these contacts.
  • They will do their best to look through their backups from before the bot attacked your account and recover your contacts.

Hopefully this helps. Also, don’t forget to get your computer checked out for viruses, spyware and malware. If you live in Michigan, contact Strellix Computer Repair for quality computer service. Best of luck!

Mar 27

Wicked New Theme

So? What do you think?!?!

There’s still a lot of work to do, so please pardon any little bugs or missing links/pages for now. We’re working hard to get our new theme squared away. But it’s already rockin’!

We do feel that it will make navigating and reading our site much easier and more convenient. Please feel free to Contact Us and share your thoughts and opinions.

Mar 25

AT&T – Possibly the Worst Company Ever

AT&T is the worst company ever.
Not sure how that “possibly” got in there…

If I was to add up all the time I’ve wasted dealing with AT&T Customer Support, I imagine it would constitute a fairly significant percentage of my life. The worst part is that all of the issues I’ve experienced are embarrassingly pathetic on their part and should never have happened if AT&T was truly a legit and reliable company.

About four months ago, I decided to sign up for AT&T DSL in my home. The company offers a “standalone” package that does not require a home phone line and simply provides an internet connection. Since I utilize a VOIP line and an AT&T cell phone for my phone lines (actually an iPhone at the time I signed up), this sort of package made perfect sense for my needs. Read the rest of this entry »

Mar 18

Yahoo! Superb Phone Support

I just got off the phone with a Yahoo! telephone support representative on behalf of one of my clients who is experiencing some issues with a compromised account. I was quite impressed with the friendliness and helpfulness of the representative. Maybe there’s hope for customer support after all.

This individual was experiencing the “New shopping new life!” virus I wrote about a few weeks ago. It seems that this issue affects Yahoo a bit more deeply than it does Gmail, and can even wipe out a user’s contacts.

The representative told me that for issues of a compromised account, the best solution is to call the toll-free support hotline. If you are a Yahoo! user and are having problems resolving the “New shopping new life!” ‘virus’ or have been locked out of your account, the number to call is: 1-866-562-7219.

Hopefully, they will be as kind and helpful to you as they were towards me.

Mar 16

Penguins Are Awesome


And, I now know what I want as a new pet. I wonder what my rental agreement says about those…