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AT&T – Possibly the Worst Company Ever

Posted by Chris DeMarco on Wednesday, March 25th, 2009 at 3:21 pm

AT&T is the worst company ever.
Not sure how that “possibly” got in there…

If I was to add up all the time I’ve wasted dealing with AT&T Customer Support, I imagine it would constitute a fairly significant percentage of my life. The worst part is that all of the issues I’ve experienced are embarrassingly pathetic on their part and should never have happened if AT&T was truly a legit and reliable company.

About four months ago, I decided to sign up for AT&T DSL in my home. The company offers a “standalone” package that does not require a home phone line and simply provides an internet connection. Since I utilize a VOIP line and an AT&T cell phone for my phone lines (actually an iPhone at the time I signed up), this sort of package made perfect sense for my needs.

So, here’s how I saw this playing out:

  1. I visit the AT&T website, enter my address and personal information, decline the set-up kit since I already have a modem, and they activate DSL on my line within a day or two tops.
  2. They add my internet connection to my existing bill and synchronize it with the auto-pay I already had set up.

Of course, if you’ve ever dealt with AT&T before and know what kind of nightmare it is, you’re already well aware that what actually happened was in fact nothing remotely close to that.

Here’s what actually happened.

  1. I visit the AT&T website. I have to hunt for the package I want because they don’t like the idea of people paying only for internet without handing them an extra $35 a month for phone service too.
  2. I finally find the plan I want and begin the signup process. However, AT&T claims my address doesn’t exist.
  3. After checking to make sure my home still exists (since I was at a friend’s house to use her internet), I call AT&T to see what the deal is.
  4. As always, AT&T transfers you to at least 5 different people during the course of one phone call.
  5. Two and a half hours later, I am so infuriated that I am seriously debating giving up and paying a little more to go with a different company. However, about 2.5 hours in, AT&T finally agrees that my address does in fact exist.
  6. I raise hell about the past two hours and the best they can offer me is a month of the service free if I decide to continue. Even though I think it’s a pretty cheap apology, I take the offer anyways.
  7. AT&T tries to nail me with a 1 year contract. I tell them no way after the quality of service I’ve experienced for the past two and a half hours, and that I will just find another company because there’s no way I’m committing to a year of this torture.
  8. They agree to let me go month-to-month. I finally convince the idiot on the phone that I am not stupid and do know what a DSL modem is, and that I do in fact have one already. They finally sign me up.
  9. The representative tells me that, essentially because I am not signing up for a phone line along with my internet, I’ll need to wait over a week to get my internet line active.
  10. I tell them this is unacceptable and spend the next hour being bounced back and forth and trying to locate their consumer relations department, which apparently does not exist.
  11. After three and a half hours on the phone with AT&T and several angry voicemails to the company’s president’s secretary, I give up.
  12. A month later, I receive my bill for my first month of service, even though I was supposed to get my first month free. It takes me three separate phone calls to finally find someone competent enough to make it go away.

For the following few months, the service actually seemed to be doing okay.

Fast forward to these past couple weeks. My internet speed has been seeming a bit slow, which is especially noticeable since I use VOIP for my telephones and use YouTube quite a bit. I thought I might just upgrade to the next speed level, but I decided to first do a speed test, at which point I noticed that my internet was running significantly slower than when my service was finally activated.

Having learned my lesson from calling phone support, I decided to do a live chat instead.

After convincing the representative that I am, in fact, NOT an idiot and that the problem is not my browser or that my modem needs to be reset, I finally persuaded her to make a support ticket. However, she then told me that there might be fees involved. Fees, for them to fix their problem? I don’t think so.

I think we finally reached an agreement about that, but if I get charged anything for them fixing their congested lines so my connection doesn’t crawl, I’m out. Not that they’ll really care anyways. But still, no legitimate company charges me to fix their own problems, wastes hours of my time, and gives me unnecessary stress and headaches. Maybe it’s time to start looking for a real one.

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10 Responses to “AT&T – Possibly the Worst Company Ever”

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  2. Mary Beth Says:

    The most horrible customer service I have ever seen, they did not even bother to show up to install their crappy service. I called and cancelled the day of installation. Now I am back to square one, I don’t know who to use. Time Warner does not seem to have much to offer. Any suggestions?

  3. Nikki Says:

    I must be the only person to have ever requested to be removed from their mailing list. I have been trying to be removed for a year now (I\’ve called every 60 days for the last year). For some reason they can\’t figure out how to remove me because my phone number isn\’t in their system (because I\’m not an AT&T customer). Apparently they can send me mail without knowing my phone number, but they can\’t NOT send me mail without knowing my phone number. RIDICULOUS! I spend at least an hour a month trying to sort out this issue! UGH!

  4. lany Says:

    AT&T is the WORST company i have ever dealt with. They have the most incompetent employees and the most inefficient structure of any company i have ever known. They have wasted days of my life, literally stolen money from me though charging for services i didn’t ask for, for assuring me of things that weren’t true and through countless other ‘mistakes’. There representatives are rude, ignorant and their managers are just as bad.

  5. charlie Says:

    I completely agree with you. I’d rather never have internet than to ever use them for anything again because of the incompetent customer service that I kept experiencing. The wait time is long and they kept transferring me to different departments which have nothing to do with my questions and then I get disconnected or hanged up on after I’ve waited 30 minutes on the phone. Through out my entire DSL experience with them, I’ve encountered problems. First they messed up my setup account and charged me a shit load and they had the audacity to make me actually pay for it. They said they’ll just give me AT&T credit later after it’s been corrected. I’ve had connection problems every month with my service. When I closed my account, I thought I had seen the last of them. But wouldn’t you know they screw up my last bill and overcharge me and made me pay for it.

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  7. mark Says:

    Please do yourself a favor a steer as clear as possible from AT&T. Thieves, incompetent thieves. Please SCC, wake up and stop this. People need to contact the SCC. The employees are clueless. They tell you want they want you to lies or transfer you. This is the standard their. I have wasted so much of my life on this horrible company.

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  9. ben Says:

    I agree with you. There are 2 companies i would not use, one is Charter Cable TV, another is AT&T, worse of the worse. I think I like the I-phone, but as long as AT&T is the provider, I would never get it.

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