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Jul 20


to efficiently and evenly distribute cat hairs around your home.

Not sure why, but I’m still laughing 5 minutes after seeing this. Priceless.

Jul 16

The Best Alternative To 1&1

In the past, I’ve written about my 1&1 Internet woes, from their horrible customer support to their lousy quality services to the incredible delays that happen whenever you try to make changes to your domains. In a nutshell, 1&1 is perhaps one of the worst domain registrars ever.

I’m very excited, however, to have found an outstanding (and better value) alternative to 1&1. It’s called Netfirms and it’s very impressive! Domains are regularly priced at $6.95 (much cheaper than 1&1, especially since they’ve been raising their prices) but I even got $1 off on my first domain. Plus, the registration and updates happen almost instantly, unlike 1&1 which makes you wait sometimes even days for the updates to finally happen.

You can read more at my review of them on Top Product Reports here or just hop over and get started at Netfirms.

Jul 09

Yet Another Reason to Avoid Microsoft

Research is now showing that a security vulnerability in Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser that the company has been scrambling over in the past few days was actually discovered nearly 2 years ago.

Microsoft, of course, has just how decided to do something about it, and is claiming that two of their researchers just discovered it. The vulnerability has been being exploited substantially for the past month.

Read more at ComputerWorld here:

Jul 08

Google to Produce a Full Chrome OS

Now this has got me quite excited. It seems that after the great success Google has had with its Chrome browser, the internet giant will run even further ahead with its already remarkable success and turn Chrome into an entire operating system.

Reading on the Official Google Blog, the operating system will be designed specifically for the “web era,” with features and operation intended to ease and simplify using internet resources directly within the OS. It will run on both x86 as well as the ARM architecture, meaning that you would be able to install it right on your desktop or laptop PC just like a copy of Windows or Linux.
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Jul 07

Social Security Number Vulnerability

Two researchers have found that a pair of antifraud methods intended to increase the chances of detecting bogus social security numbers has actually allowed the statistical reconstruction of the number using information that many people place on social networking sites.

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