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Sep 29

Facebook: Ridding the Workforce of Idiots Since 2004

Many people (like the one below) do not realize that employers, colleges, and other institutions that have the ability to accept/deny people often take social networking and media profiles into consideration as part of the process. Further, many institutions continually monitor their employees’/students’/etc profiles even after they have approved someone, for the entire time that person is with that particular institution. This allows them to constantly keep that person under review.

While this does present creepy privacy concerns, it does have a bright side. It helps “prune” the workforce and educational system of morons that have absolutely no common sense (see picture).

Sep 14

AT&T Decides Gaming is Not a “Core” Broadband Service

AT&T has begun categorizing some uses of broadband internet connections as “aspirational services” – essentially, uses that aren’t a core part of broadband like e-mail and Web browsing.

The entertainment industry as well as gamers everywhere are furious about it, arguing that “What AT&T describes as aspirational services are no less important to the future of the Internet than email and web browsing were to the past and are today…”

Read more on ARS Technica in their article here.

Sep 11

Understanding Your Identity and Credit Score: The Basics

Given today’s economic climate, the rising threat of identity theft, and the many other factors in today’s financial world, credit scores are a significant concern to many Americans. This day in age, a good understanding of the system is essential to financial survival. For example, most lenders have tightened the criteria for giving out loans, and not knowing how the credit scoring system works can be a great hinderance towards getting a loan.

This series on credit scores and personal identity will help you better understand and utilize your credit score to achieve financial success. In this article, we will take a look at some basics and common misconceptions regarding credit scores and personal identity. In future articles, we will also cover important factors to consider when trying to get a loan, ways to repair or improve your credit, and ways to protect your identity and credit score. The more you know, the more likely you are to succeed, so let’s get started right away.

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Sep 08

Solar Power Using Hair May Solve World Energy Problems

A teenager in Nepal has invented a solar panel using hair instead of silicon that costs less than $40 to make. Not only is this new technology remarkable simply from its use of materials, but it may also hold the answer to solving the world’s energy problems.

The solar panel produces 9 V (18 W) of energy, which can charge a mobile phone or a pack of batteries capable of providing light all evening.

Read more at Mail Online on the original article here.

Sep 03

Evolution of Today’s Popular Websites

I just came across this outstanding post on looking at how some of today’s most popular websites looked when they were first launched.

It’s somewhat interesting that the more recent sites look worse than the older ones. Overall though, not too many surprises. The news company sites looked awesome (money will do that), and so did Amazon. And it’s funny how all today’s really successful sites like Google, Yahoo, YouTube, and Twitter looked terrible when they first started out, but not surprising. Oh, and Craigslist looks about the same.

Check out the post here.

Sep 02

Erich Kunzel Deceased at 74, Will be Missed

Sadly, Erich Kunzel, the conductor of the Cincinnati Pops Orchestra, died yesterday at the age of 74 as a result multiple forms of cancer. The internationally famous musician led the Pops for over three decades and was not only an incredible musician and performer, but also a remarkable person.

I had the honor of meeting Maestro Kunzel and performing under his directorship only two short years ago. He was an inspirational leader and working with him will always remain one of the most memorable experiences of my life. His energy and enthusiasm brightened the stage and motivated everyone involved to perform their best.

I also had the opportunity to personally talk with Kunzel (and sing for him) following the performances. Actually, I even carried his luggage out to his car for him when he left Orchestra Hall. His great personality and genuine kindness and interest in people will always be remembered.

Erich Kunzel was unarguably one of the best conductors to have ever lived, and while he will be missed greatly, he also leaves a legacy that will never be forgotten.

Erich Kunzel and Chris DeMarco at Orchestra Hall