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Nov 16 is Back…kinda

The AT&T Website,, has been down this morning until now…sort of. The site now redirects to their “My AT&T Yahoo!” site. Presumably, this means that AT&T accounts are now available.

However, the company will undoubtedly lose sales and positive sentiment (assuming they would have any even if their website did work) while their websites were down.

More updates to come.

Nov 16

AT&T Homepage is Down

Since early this morning, the AT&T Company Website has been down. As of 9:30am, it is still down.

Update (10:02am): The site is back…somewhat. Only “My AT&T Yahoo!” though.

AT&T SucksOn account of AT&T being a sorry excuse for a telcom company, this makes me very happy. However, many others are not so happy, particularly because this means that their email and other account features are all unavailable.

You can read why I think AT&T is the worst company ever here.

AT&T is the second largest wireless operator in the US (by subscribers), topped only by Verizon. Subscriptions have been rising in the past months as well, so we’ll have to watch and see what this little “hiccup” does to that trend.

Nov 16

Celebrity Death Rumors: Taylor Swift Did Not Die This Past Weekend

Apparently, this was a popular weekend for creating death rumors about celebrities. Rumors were created for both Miley Cyrus and later Taylor Swift. Both are alive however, so you can put away your hankerchiefs.

Interestingly enough however, the country singer did recently play a role in CSI: Las Vegas in which she was stabbed and murdered. This could possibly explain some of the confusion.

While this is all nice, it does leave a greater question unanswered: why create rumors of people being dead when you don’t know what you’re talking about? It happens way too often.

Oh well.

Nov 07

Is Facebook to Blame for Scams?

Since the beginning, I was opposed to all the annoying “apps” on Facebook. The obnoxious invitations they send out were bad enough as it was, but now there are also concerns of many of these apps – and the advertising inside them – being associated with scammers.

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Nov 06

South Park Redefines a Homosexual Slur and Upsets Gay Rights Activists

I just happened to come across this, and as I don’t really watch South Park, it was the first I had heard of it. In a recent episode, the South Park authors have attempted to redefine the word “Fag,” which has traditionally been a slur against homosexuals, to what the word is more commonly used to refer to – “an inconsiderate douchebag [like a harley rider],” according to the animation.

Southpark Redefines Fag to Mean Obnoxious Harley Riders
“You can be gay and not be a fag…a lot of fags aren’t gay.”

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