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Dec 17

Free WiFi at McDonalds – It’s About Time!

McDonald's WiFi Logo for Wireless Internet Access at McDonalds LocationsThis past summer, my friend and I brought our laptops into McDonalds, expecting to get free internet access. Having seen the WiFi sticker on the window, we figured that just like many other restaurants like Panera Bread and Wendy’s, McDonalds offered free internet access as a courtesy to its customers. We were mistaken. Sure, there was WiFi available, but it required a fee as well as authentication through my very much despised AT&T.

According to ComputerWorld, however, that will be changing – and soon. This morning, ComputerWorld released this article stating that McDonald’s has finally decided to offer free wireless internet access at 11,000 of its 14,000 U.S. locations.

In my opinion, McDonald’s will probably profit more having free WiFi than charging for it – and here’s why. First, I have a feeling that not too many people actually paid for their internet, considering I can’t recall ever seeing anyone with a laptop at McDonald’s. Second, I’ve spent entire days at Panera – buying coffee and “munchies” all throughout the day – while sitting around working on my laptop and building up an appetite. By creating an inviting environment that encourages people to stick around, McDonald’s will most likely make a much greater profit on additional food and beverage sales than from charging for internet access that nobody uses.

Are you planning on using the new free WiFi at McDonald’s when it’s available? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment or tweeting about this article below!

Dec 09

Apple Bans iPhone App Developer and Removes Over 1000 Applications

Apple has recently banned Chinese iPhone software developer Molinker resulting in the removal of over 1,000 applications from its app store – constituting about 1% of the total applications on the iPhone app store.

The scammy developer offered free downloads to customers in exchange for 5-star reviews, pushing many of the applications into top-rated categories including “Staff Picks.” Most of those who did legitimately download the apps actually gave them 1-star reviews.

From the writeup on

The Chinese developer had, according to some estimates, 1,000-plus applications in the store, most of which were copycat knockoffs of existing applications. When the friend of writers at the iPhoneography photography blog saw these rather poor applications consistently scoring 5-star reviews, they got suspicious. Some investigation showed that Molinker’s applications were getting many top ratings and almost nothing in the 2-to-4-star range. In fact, the only other ratings were often 1-star, and likely the only truthful feedback on the apps’ pages.

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Dec 08

Bing Can Predict the Future?

Or travel prices, at least.

Apparently, Microsoft’s Bing search engine sports a feature to help you choose the most cost-effective dates to book your vacation. It will monitor the rise or fall of travel prices based on your destination(s) and transportation – and let you know whether you should hold off on booking your trip so that prices can fall further or book immediately before prices go back up.

From the Bing website:

“Bing travel offers unique features to help you Know When To Buy™ your airline tickets…With our airfare price predictions, find out if fares are rising or dropping and if you should buy now or wait.”

Obviously, supposing that it was fairly accurate, this is an outstanding idea. After all, who doesn’t want to save money on their travel plans? And while my initial concern would be that the quality might not be so great (given the company behind this), other sources deem it quite reliable:

“…according to a third-party audit of our predictive technology, we’re 74.5% accurate.”

So, perhaps give Bing a shot when you get ready to book your next flight. It can’t hurt to have an opinion…you can always choose not to listen to it if it sounds fishy!

Dec 01

How to Hard Reset a Samsung Phone

“How do you reset a samsung phone?”
Here’s your answer!

If you want to restore a Samsung phone to its original factory state – whether you want to erase all the data from the phone, restore all the default settings, fix some random glitches, or remove a security code – this procedure works on most Samsung phone models. And, it works both with and without a SIM card.

Simply type in the following: *2767*3855#

The 3855 will show up as dashes…this is normal. Then hit the send button. Your phone will display a warning and then it will reboot. Do not turn your phone off during this time until it has completely booted back up.

Now, your phone has been cleared of your data (or its previous owner’s data) and you are able to sell or begin using it again.