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How to Hard Reset a Samsung Phone

Posted by Chris DeMarco on Tuesday, December 1st, 2009 at 1:55 pm

“How do you reset a samsung phone?”
Here’s your answer!

If you want to restore a Samsung phone to its original factory state – whether you want to erase all the data from the phone, restore all the default settings, fix some random glitches, or remove a security code – this procedure works on most Samsung phone models. And, it works both with and without a SIM card.

Simply type in the following: *2767*3855#

The 3855 will show up as dashes…this is normal. Then hit the send button. Your phone will display a warning and then it will reboot. Do not turn your phone off during this time until it has completely booted back up.

Now, your phone has been cleared of your data (or its previous owner’s data) and you are able to sell or begin using it again.

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