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Apple Bans iPhone App Developer and Removes Over 1000 Applications

Posted by Chris DeMarco on Wednesday, December 9th, 2009 at 8:00 am

Apple has recently banned Chinese iPhone software developer Molinker resulting in the removal of over 1,000 applications from its app store – constituting about 1% of the total applications on the iPhone app store.

The scammy developer offered free downloads to customers in exchange for 5-star reviews, pushing many of the applications into top-rated categories including “Staff Picks.” Most of those who did legitimately download the apps actually gave them 1-star reviews.

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The Chinese developer had, according to some estimates, 1,000-plus applications in the store, most of which were copycat knockoffs of existing applications. When the friend of writers at the iPhoneography photography blog saw these rather poor applications consistently scoring 5-star reviews, they got suspicious. Some investigation showed that Molinker’s applications were getting many top ratings and almost nothing in the 2-to-4-star range. In fact, the only other ratings were often 1-star, and likely the only truthful feedback on the apps’ pages.

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