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FCC to Mandate Minimum Broadband Speeds

Posted by admin on Wednesday, February 17th, 2010 at 8:40 am

Unfortunately, most of the times the FCC or other areas of the US Government are mentioned on this blog with regards to the internet, it’s because they’re stirring up some sort of net neutrality outrage or some other problem.

Today, however, I have some interesting and more positive news. While it may be a bit unrealistic of a goal, the FCC has announced a plan to require a minimum speed for residential broadband providers.

Industry analysts estimate the current average residential broadband connection to be under 4 MBPS. However, the FCC’s new proposal could potentially require home internet speeds of 100 MBPS only 10 years from now.

Many broadband providers were quick to push back, claiming the plan is unrealistic, unnecessary, and not affordable. However, larger and more competent internet companies seemed somewhat more receptive.

You can get the whole scoop here: FCC to Propose Faster Broadband Speeds

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