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What is Divine Providence?

Posted by admin on Wednesday, February 17th, 2010 at 6:13 pm

A nice young lady looking for help with a Social Studies project asked for help with this today, so here’s a little explanation of divine providence.

Divine Providence essentially refers to God’s activity and intervention in the world and in people’s lives. It can be and has been used – and abused – as an explanation or justification for just about anything – good or bad.

For example, many ancient rulers (and the civilizations which they governed) took the very fact that they were in power to mean that God willed for that to be. Therefore, this allowed them to get away with doing lots of stuff that may or may not have necessarily been good – but people accepted it as “fate” because God allowed that person to be in power, so therefore everything that was happening must be the will of God.

In fact, everything from the rise and fall of nations and the outcomes of battles and wars to explanations for droughts and famine has been and continues even to this day to be associated with the will and action of God.

This philosophy applies on a much smaller scale as well – and can be attributed to “fate” or “karma” too. In fact, you probably experience it on a daily basis without even realizing it.

For example, if something bad happens to someone and you overhear someone say “he/she had it coming,” they are expressing this very concept – that some higher power (karma, or the universe, or God) had some sort of intervention on that event taking place. And, every single day, millions of believers in God (including myself) attribute good things happening to God’s mercy and power.

Hope that helps!

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