The "C" Branch

Jaded commentary on random shit, with an extra helping of cynicism, satire and general contempt for society & Western culture, religion, politics, celebrities, technology, business & more.

About The “C” Branch

An entrepreneur for nearly 15 years, business owner for 10, talented musician, skilled web developer, and proud vegetarian of over 5 years with an outrageously high IQ, I’ve been through a lot of shit in my quarter of a lifetime, which has given me ample opportunity to form a shit ton of jaded, cynical opinions about the world, society, people and the stupid, crazy shit they do and believe. That’s what this blog is about. I share thoughts and opinions on stuff I come across that excites me, pisses me off, or just catches my interest in general – the topics of which almost always correlate with one of the lists below.


  • Starting businesses
  • Making money
  • Personal development
  • Reading books
  • Becoming better, smarter & stronger daily
  • Traveling
  • Growing vegetables
  • Eating food, cooking food, growing food, and just food in general…
    • Lebanese food
    • Indian food
    • Pretty much anything but garbage western food.


  • Time wasters that don’t make you money, or smarter:
    • Television
    • Celebrities
    • Pop culture
    • Religions
  • Things that cost me money:
    • Democrats
    • Republicans
    • Government handouts (see Democrats)
    • Income-based taxation (see Democrats, Republicans)
  • Primitive, unevolved shit I can’t believe humans still partake in:
    • Breeding more kids and animals when existing ones are starving by the tens of thousands, each, daily
    • Racism, sexism and other prejudices (see Republicans)
    • Meat and meat by-products
    • Animal abuse, testing and captivity
    • War, thinking they “own” or “control” parts of the world and the people within them, and can take over and claim them as such
    • Psychopathic religious pea-brains trying to force the rest of the world to live according to their beliefs (see Religions, Republicans)


  • Libertarians
  • Usage/consumption based taxation
  • Free market capitalism
  • Atheists and agnostics
  • Vegetables
  • Self-sufficiency & people who take care of themselves
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