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Jul 20


to efficiently and evenly distribute cat hairs around your home.

Not sure why, but I’m still laughing 5 minutes after seeing this. Priceless.

Jun 23

Norton Antivirus Fail

This is priceless…

May 05

If Everything Was Made By Microsoft

Microsoft Wedding Album

Apparently recently had a contest to see who could make the best photo of how things would look if Microsoft had in fact taken over the world (like it appeared they might back in the 90s). In fact, I can remember reading a newspaper article about a kitchen controlled entirely by Microsoft-driven computers. For example, the refrigerator had a built-in computer terminal with a touch screen for accessing recipe databases and even maintaining inventory of its contents.

Fortunately, given their last several product releases, it doesn’t appear that there’s any chance of Microsoft taking over much of anything…which makes ridiculing them all the more funny!

Check this out: If Everything Was Made By Microsoft

Apr 21


Remember way back when there was a “Funny Errors and Glitches” section on The “C” Branch, or even the old CDeMar22? Well, I came across some archives the other day and decided that would be a great idea to bring back and turn into a new site.

Head on over to to check out our totally awesome, all-new Errors and Glitches website.

And don’t forget to submit your funniest error screens!

Apr 17

Proof That Windows Solitaire is Rigged

It’s things like this that prove that Microsoft doesn’t want you to win at Solitaire…or at least not easily. See if you can spot why…

Click thumbnail to expand.

2 Kings of Hearts in Windows Solitaire

Note: This is not shopped. It actually really happened to me. Seriously.

Mar 16

Penguins Are Awesome


And, I now know what I want as a new pet. I wonder what my rental agreement says about those…