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Jul 20


to efficiently and evenly distribute cat hairs around your home.

Not sure why, but I’m still laughing 5 minutes after seeing this. Priceless.

Apr 07

I did make a LOL.

Oh hai, look I made a LOL:

Larry the Cable Cat

Click here and vote foar it a 5 nao plzkthx.

Aug 20

Monday Snicker: IN UR iSIGHTS

Monday is traditionally classified as a draggy day. After a nice, restful, but way too short weekend, it’s unfortunately time to head back to work or school. Mondays are just not fun, no matter how anxious you might think you are to get back to the office or classroom. Sometimes, you could really use something to laugh at to lighten up the situation. Well, hopefully the new “Monday Snicker” posts here on The “C” Branch will cheer you up and brighten your day!

I actually got this idea from my friend Ilker Yoldas at The Thinking Blog. He currently has a challenge to see who can make the best LOLCat (or other animal) picture caption. So, if you’re up for the challenge, go check it out now!

So, whether it’s a funny LOLCat pic, a witty joke, a funny quote, wacky cartoon, amusing video, or some other comical goodie, be sure to stop by and grab your Monday Snicker here at The “C” Branch!


Left: My friend’s cat “Baxter” tries to take over our IM conversation.