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Jun 03

Emailing AT&T Leads to a Cease and Desist Letter

It’s no secret that I really, really, REALLY hate AT&T. In case you have any doubts, feel freed to read AT&T: Possibly the Worst Company Ever. It’s true, I hate them.

That said, I guess it’s very good I happened to catch this in recent news: an AT&T customer recently received a phone call from AT&T’s legal department, warning him that he was on the fast track to receiving a “Cease & Desist” letter from the department. Why? He wrote two emails to Randall Stephenson, AT&T’s CEO, regarding legitimate customer concerns.

I guess this just continues to go to show that AT&T has absolutely no interest in actually addressing its customers’ problems and needs and is solely out to make a profit while irritating as many people like me as possible. Oh well. At least I know not to ever bother writing the CEO.

You can read more at this Endgadget Article.

May 30

Butterflies May Prevent Forged Currency

According to a Daily Mail report, researchers at Cambridge University have discovered a way to duplicate some of the intricate optical signatures found in butterfly wings for use as an encryption method. This complex structure found in butterfly wings allows butterflies to appear one color to other butterflies, but a different color to their predators and other species. By recreating this technology, scientists have been able to produce optical signatures that change color based on how they are viewed.

One practical use of this new technology is to help deter the forgery of documents such as bank notes. Due to its high complexity and difficulty to reproduce, the use of this technology would make it much more challenging for counterfeiters to forge documents that utilize it as an anti-duplication measure.

Essentially, the optical signature would cause marking(s) on the document to change appearance when viewed under different lighting conditions.

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