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Feb 24

Terry Crews Porn Addiction?

Brooklyn Nine-Nine actor Terry Crews has released a series of Facebook videos this week in which he discusses what he calls his “dirty little secret” – a pornography addiction he claims nearly caused him and his wife, Rebecca King-Crews, to split up.

The former NFL player claims his addiction goes back to when he was only 12 years old and caused him to develop a sense of entitlement to sex whenever he wanted it, eventually causing him to cheat on his wife.

In his Facebook confession videos, Crews concludes by saying he believes that pornography addiction is a worldwide problem and that many people have reached out to him for help. He suggests rehab and therapy are effective, as they have been, and, not surprisingly, includes a shoutout to his “Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.”

With recent statistics suggesting that at least 70% of men and 30% of women watch porn on a regular basis, it may be at minimum a bit far-fetched to imply that watching pornography causes half the people in the world to believe they deserve sex and to cheat on their spouses whenever they want it…especially considering that many of those people even enjoy watching porn together with their partner! However, it does stir up quite a bit of attention around the issue of pornography and some of the potential negative consequences pornography addiction can have on certain individuals.

What are your thoughts? Share in the comments below.

    Feb 17

    What is Divine Providence?

    A nice young lady looking for help with a Social Studies project asked for help with this today, so here’s a little explanation of divine providence.

    Divine Providence essentially refers to God’s activity and intervention in the world and in people’s lives. It can be and has been used – and abused – as an explanation or justification for just about anything – good or bad.

    For example, many ancient rulers (and the civilizations which they governed) took the very fact that they were in power to mean that God willed for that to be. Therefore, this allowed them to get away with doing lots of stuff that may or may not have necessarily been good – but people accepted it as “fate” because God allowed that person to be in power, so therefore everything that was happening must be the will of God.

    In fact, everything from the rise and fall of nations and the outcomes of battles and wars to explanations for droughts and famine has been and continues even to this day to be associated with the will and action of God.

    This philosophy applies on a much smaller scale as well – and can be attributed to “fate” or “karma” too. In fact, you probably experience it on a daily basis without even realizing it.

    For example, if something bad happens to someone and you overhear someone say “he/she had it coming,” they are expressing this very concept – that some higher power (karma, or the universe, or God) had some sort of intervention on that event taking place. And, every single day, millions of believers in God (including myself) attribute good things happening to God’s mercy and power.

    Hope that helps!

    Dec 01

    How to Hard Reset a Samsung Phone

    “How do you reset a samsung phone?”
    Here’s your answer!

    If you want to restore a Samsung phone to its original factory state – whether you want to erase all the data from the phone, restore all the default settings, fix some random glitches, or remove a security code – this procedure works on most Samsung phone models. And, it works both with and without a SIM card.

    Simply type in the following: *2767*3855#

    The 3855 will show up as dashes…this is normal. Then hit the send button. Your phone will display a warning and then it will reboot. Do not turn your phone off during this time until it has completely booted back up.

    Now, your phone has been cleared of your data (or its previous owner’s data) and you are able to sell or begin using it again.

    Nov 16 is Back…kinda

    The AT&T Website,, has been down this morning until now…sort of. The site now redirects to their “My AT&T Yahoo!” site. Presumably, this means that AT&T accounts are now available.

    However, the company will undoubtedly lose sales and positive sentiment (assuming they would have any even if their website did work) while their websites were down.

    More updates to come.

    Nov 16

    AT&T Homepage is Down

    Since early this morning, the AT&T Company Website has been down. As of 9:30am, it is still down.

    Update (10:02am): The site is back…somewhat. Only “My AT&T Yahoo!” though.

    AT&T SucksOn account of AT&T being a sorry excuse for a telcom company, this makes me very happy. However, many others are not so happy, particularly because this means that their email and other account features are all unavailable.

    You can read why I think AT&T is the worst company ever here.

    AT&T is the second largest wireless operator in the US (by subscribers), topped only by Verizon. Subscriptions have been rising in the past months as well, so we’ll have to watch and see what this little “hiccup” does to that trend.

    Sep 14

    AT&T Decides Gaming is Not a “Core” Broadband Service

    AT&T has begun categorizing some uses of broadband internet connections as “aspirational services” – essentially, uses that aren’t a core part of broadband like e-mail and Web browsing.

    The entertainment industry as well as gamers everywhere are furious about it, arguing that “What AT&T describes as aspirational services are no less important to the future of the Internet than email and web browsing were to the past and are today…”

    Read more on ARS Technica in their article here.